Our most recent large-scale project that was both a technical and operational challenge for the whole team. Apart from being able to fly more than 70.000 km over water in order to follow the coastline of 8 different countries we had to implement innovative solutions for geo-tagging video and photos in a way that afterwards could be synchronized. The last and crucial part of the challenge was to build the technology and presentation framework in order to offer the synchronization functionality over a large span of devices without the need of any special infrastructure.


Following a request from a well known Cruise Shipping Company we managed to document in both video and photos all stages of the transformation of a cruise ship to a floatting university. After the completion of works we organized a series of aerial and onboard interior and exterior shots in order to make a complete “Book” of the newly transformed ship. Special sub-projects included a Funnel repainting Time-Lapse, casting and hiring of more than 100 walk-ons and actors to participate in onboard shootings along with the operations needed to pass through restricted transit areas, catering, transportation etc. Also we managed a series of aerial offshore shots in order to make advertising compositions showing the ship cruising near famous landmarks.


Adding to our client’s list a big tanker shipping company was a bit of a challenge. Commercial maritime has its own rules and we should be able to comply with a very short notice to aerial shootings in both Video and Photo at remote places. A great deal of the success was the ability of the team to plan efficiently at a minimum time all the details to implement every mission. New forthcoming shootings include on-board shootings while en route in order to complete a portfolio for each tanker. Web integration and presentation of each ship through a dedicated micro-site will follow and wrap up all the created visual and textual content.


The challenge was to be able to monitor every month 1.200 km of gas pipeline by flying cross-country mainly and to deliver geo-tagged video and photo material that could be viewed in a normal pc without proprietary software and even in some cases to be reviewed by a simple dvd player – TV set. We managed to form a working solution by experimenting and combining technologies over a period of 6 months. After strict evaluation our solution was preferred and we gained the opportunity to execute the pipeline patrols over a period of more than 2 years.


For a quick preview of recent shootings please visit our galleries.

Regional Tourism Organisations – Series of aerial shootings for the promotion of various regions
Solar Parks – A set of aerial shootings combined with time-lapses during construction period 
Architecture and Design  – 20 distinct buildings in various cities shot to underline their uniqueness. Also icluded panoramic aerials -combined hundreds of shots in one single photo 
Industrial installations – Aerial photography projects for multiple clients. From oil refineries to quarries and chemical factories ; litterally hundreds of missions covering industrial aereas.
Hotels & Recreational – Dedicated low altitude aerial shootings for unique presentation of the location and the facilities in high quality pictures.

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