At Aerial Maritime we approach your needs with a 360° concept. Our range of services is formed to have no missing parts for the fullfilment of our mission and the accomplishment of the objectives.

According to your brief we start to work on 4 separate levels : Flight, Shooting, Post Production, Deliverables. Every level contains all the services needed to advance to the next level. We split the sub-project in stages. In Brief :  Analysis, Pre-planning , Simulation/ Paradigm, Execution,  Evaluation, Delivery.

At every stage our team makes all-levels meetings in order to assure co-ordination and common knowledge of all parameters of the project.


For us is a wide range of multi level services, for you is just a call.


We shoot in very high resolution photos and in digital film from a manned aerial platform (helicopter) a wide variety of targets. Our focus is in Maritime and Touristic environments. Equipment setup and helicopter options are chosen accordingly to the mission undertaken. We can shoot up to 80 MP stills and 4K movies.

Our concern is to keep top safety and image quality levels without excess costs for our clients. We do operate with multi-engine helicopters also when conditions or regulations require it (overfly cities, monuments, extreme weather etc.). The affiliation of our flight partner with Bell Helicopters is a key in ennabling us to have access to resources needed in almost every corner of the planet. Subsequently we do have the advantage of being able to offer our services in a wide range of conditions but with a minimized risk and cost for our clients.


Although we can deliver raw materials upon client’s request, we regualrily post-proccess the shootings in order to achieve the highest quality adjusted to the final uses of the materials. All versions are safely kept in our storage servers and can be retrieved and re-proccesed for new or complementary uses. All proccessed materials are delivered electronicaly over the web to the client , at full resolution and at all requested forms, filetypes and qualities. All of our Photography and Filming proccessing units are equipped with the latest Adobe application suites and are operated by experienced professionals.

Apart from our aerial shots we can edit and deliver corporate/ marketing films by adding material from any other source that client already has from previous applications. Editting and processing can be used as stand-alone services also.


Information technologies are in our core. Deep knowledge of the technology landscape and tools is a competitive advantage of Aerial Maritime in 2 dinstict areas. Project customization and End-Product delivery.

Proof of our ability to offer unique and innovative solutions by “glueing” existing and ennabling technologies is the awarded Tripinview project by Geotag Aeroview. A first time ever continuous, meter-by-meter coastline shooting in syncronized video and photo (Trisynchron® technology) available through a simple web browser or mobile application (Comvico® Technology).

Since the social-web emerged we were asked also to complete our services with all the necessary steps in order to make our deliverables available directly to the web. A team within Aerial Maritime prepares all aspects of the materials according to your input and delivers tagged and optimized versions wherever you request. If needed there are also complementary services for setting up from scratch your social media channels (vimeo, youtube, flickr, Instagram etc.)


Although we do not have owned printing infrastructure we are very well aware how critical is to prepare all materials according to the printing profile of every specific application. If our client chooses to print in one of our printing partners we can offer graphics design services also. Digital and Printed proof upon request can be offered in any step of the proccess in order to assure total customer satisfaction until the final delivery.

We do offer a special range of printed materials that combine the precious feeling of a good quality print with modern ennabling technologies that can transfer the interest of your client from paper to your online world. Postcards with QR codes and Coffee table books that can link the viewer to an online video or microsite are a few examples of how you can also benefit from our combined experience. In cases of logistic and other cost related issues , we can offer our pre-press services giving the ability to our client to print at a more convinient printing facility.

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