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Aerial Maritime is formed by blending qualities and experiences from real world aviation (helicopter) and pictures production professionals. We are working as a team and we benefit from the collective experiences we gain. In manned filming and photography flights, each of the persons involved, contributes a vital part in overall success. The precision of the flight path, the correct estimation of weather conditions and the ability of all to adapt in a changing environment are a few but crucial parameters to consider every second. We do have a deep knowledge of our job, and we are fully aware that we do a complex work that must deliver the expected results without compromises or safety and security breaches.

Pilots and navigators of our team have flown in every region on earth using a variety of aircrafts for a hundreds of diversified missions. They do have the know-how to deal with every aspect of the flight.

Shooting Crews, apart from their own over 20 years of professional background they do have hundreds of shooting hours cooperating with the same flight crews in very demanding conditions.

Operations Center and main flight base are located in Bavaria, Germany and are part of a full blown aviation company and training center registered in LBA and endorsed by Bell Helicopters. A secondary auxiliary base is located in Athens, Greece. Both locations are ideal for almost all projects concerning Europe. Remote flight bases are operated in many other sites around the globe through local partnerships.

Studio Facilities for the processing of the visuals and the final editing are available in Bavaria, Germany and in Athens, Greece.  Beyond the expected studio services our team is enriched with communication and on-line marketing experts that can prepare materials as requested to be web and social media ready or even tagged properly and uploaded to your channels.

Customization of every single project we undertake is our key for ensuring flawless execution and top quality of the deliverables. Additionally our internal IT resources provide us with the ability to design innovative services and solutions even to most demanding cases that require a completely new approach to be implemented.

Aerial and Maritime shootings are our fields. We do have a combined specific experience of over 3.000 flight hours and more than 100.000 km of flights above seas in various missions. Our fleet is accordingly formed by single and twin engine helicopters capable of enduring the challenging environments and flight demanding flight dynamics of aerial shootings.

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Rotor projects is a Munich based consulting service specialized in aerial works projects


Heliteam Sud is a helicopter firm operating from Manching airport in Bavaria and HQ in Geretsried, Germany


ImagePro is a visual content production company , with owned studios and a special devision for aerial photography and filming


Geotag Aeroview is a top notch web tech company owner of the awarded Tripinview.com. Located in Cyprus with operating offices in Athens, Greece.

Within our team a great stuff with enthusiasm and devotion is always ready to implement any mission by exceptional professionalism and integrity.

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